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Graduate Studies in the Community Colleges Field

This directory provides a list of graduate programs and professional development opportunities in the field of community colleges. It includes programs that offer leadership training to community college administrators, as well as research-focused, degree-granting programs for scholars in the field. Some institutions included have specific programs or departments related to community colleges (i.e. Community College Leadership) while others offer courses about community colleges as part of broader programs (i.e. Higher Education, Educational Leadership). University departments or programs with at least one faculty member who routinely conducts research on community colleges were included in the directory.

For Whom is the Directory Intended?

This directory is intended to serve as a resource for students, faculty, researchers, or administrators employed by or interested in community colleges.

Current and potential graduate students and community college personnel interested in further education can access information on available programs.

Faculty, researchers, and community college leaders can utilize the directory to develop professional contacts and examine programs offered by colleagues around the nation.

What Sort of Information is Provided?

  • Name, address, web page, and phone number of the department and/or program at each university.
  • Brief description of program emphases and offerings.
  • Degrees offered.
  • Any courses specifically on community or two-year college topics.
  • Contact name and email address of professor or departmental administrator.

Where Can More Information be Found?

For more information about specific programs, contact the programs directly or visit their web pages using the information provided by this directory.

Complete this form if your institution has degree and non-degree community college-relevant programs, courses, and training, and we will add it to the Graduate Degree Programs and Professional Development page.

Contact CSCC at for inquiries.