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Degree Offered

Ed.D., Ph.D.

Program Emphasis

The Educational Leadership Doctorate program is designed for working professionals seeking training to become highly qualified educational leaders in community colleges and four-year universities. Emphasis is placed on the expanding and changing role of education for social change to meet the needs of society. Graduate students in a learning cohort community experience an interdisciplinary approach to the study of educational leadership, teaching and learning, organizational development, management and research.

Courses with Community College Emphasis

EDLD 740: Policy and Finance Issues in Community Colleges (3): In-depth analysis of the community college system, function, and purpose. Exploration of issues related to governance, structure, program, leadership, and strategic planning and assessment.

EDLD 741: Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary Settings (3): Focus on student development and learning theories based on cognitive, psychosocial, typology, and person-environment perspectives. Exploration of the role of faculty and others in the collaborative development and implementation of responsive curricula at two- and four-year institutions.

EDLD 742: Exploration of Campus Cultures - Impact and Influence (3): Examination of faculty, administrative, and student cultures in terms of values, behavioral norms, impact, and influences. Applications of research methods for the study of campus cultures. Dialogue concerning the implications of these findings for higher education policies and practices.

EDLD 743: Analysis of current research and theories on leadership and organizational change in higher education: multicultural organizational development theories, planning, change, and the effective strategies for change. Exploration of case studies of  organizational leadership.

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