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Graduate College of Education
Ed.D. in Educational Leadership
1600 Holloway Ave.
BH 521
San Francisco, CA 94132


Degree Offered

Ed.D., Ph.D.

Program Emphasis

The goal is to prepare leaders who can enhance development, learning, and academic achievement for all students. The program prepares leaders who will work in local communities to equalize student access to the cultural capital that a rigorous education based on open-minded inquiry and reflection can provide. San Francisco State University's Ed.D. program is centered on issues of leadership, equity, and social justice and strives to use curricular materials and instructional methods that embrace this approach. It is an intensive three-year program designed to build leadership capacity while supporting rigorous dissertation study surrounding the educational issue of practice with implications for social-justice leadership.

Courses with Community College Emphasis

All courses are designed to examine community colleges and the larger systemic context of education in California's public education system.

For More Information

Department phone number: 415-405-4103

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