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Educational Administration
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Degrees Offered

M.A., Ed.M., M.S., Ed.D., Ph.D.

Program Emphasis

The Department of Educational Administration offers three programs that focus on community college leadership. First, a doctoral program in Educational Leadership and Higher Education (ELHE) with a Ph.D. and Ed.D. track that both offer a concentration in community college leadership. Second, a graduate-level Community College Leadership Certificate. Third, a masters of arts degree in Educational Administration with a specialization is community college leadership.

The Ph.D. program is designed to provide practitioner-scholars a nuanced understanding of the social contexts of education and the real-life tools and frames they need to advance good educational practice. The Ed.D. program is designed for those who are driven to tackle a problem of practice in their immediate institution or context, by distilling over time the nature of the challenge, and using evidence to inform a needed decision or way forward. Our Husker Scholars serve as serve as administrators, directors, coordinators, researchers and other practitioners across the United States and beyond. Students pursuing an M.A. degree can elect from among the same community college leadership courses to pursue a special focus on community college leadership.

The Community College Leadership Certificate (CCLC) has three components. The university component includes a set of five courses mapped to competencies proposed by the American Association of Community Colleges. The second component is active participation in professional associations or in institutional or community-based leadership initiatives. The final component is the establishment of a formal institutional sponsor or mentoring relationship to contextualize learning and guide professional development.

Courses with Community College Emphasis

EDAD 923: The Community/Junior College
EDAD 912B: Emerging Issues in Community College LeadershipEDAD 934: Teaching and Learning in the Community College
EDAD 935: Workforce, Economic, and Community Development


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