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Dissertation of the Year Award

The Dissertation of the Year Award honors doctoral students who graduated during the previous calendar year and whose dissertations have explored community college-related topics and exhibited exemplary skills in research and leadership. The recognized dissertations demonstrate excellence in scholarly inquiry, illustrate originality of thought, and include significant findings that make a substantial contribution to the extant literature on community colleges. The pieces also shed new light on how issues and challenges facing community colleges are researched, theorized, and interpreted, as well as how they could potentially have an important effect on community college policy and/or practice.     

Former Dissertation of the Year Award Recipients

2019 - Naomi Mardock Uman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2018 - Xiadan Hu, University of Florida
2017 - Glennda M. Bivens, Iowa State University
2016 - Erin Doran, University of Texas at San Antonio
2015 - Truc MaMai, California State University - Long Beach
2014 - Jason L. Taylor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2013 - Pamela Eddy and Richard Romano
2012 - Andrew J. Ryder, Iowa State University
2011 - Dimitra Lynette Jackson, Iowa State University
2009 - Kenneth Meier, University of Arizona
2008 - Gabrielle Gerhard, University of Washington
2007 - Elisabeth Barnett, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2006 - Thomas Greene, University of Texas at Austin
2005 - Gregory Kienzl, Teachers College, Columbia University

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